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A personal statement by the founder

Lots of incredible things are free nowadays. Facebook, for instance. But we all know we pay for that with our attention and with our data. SimpleNews is not that complicated.

SimpleNews could accept advertising, but advertisers would then control our money and influence our editorial and what we write about. We want to be as impartial as possible. If you haven't, read Chomsky's Manufacturing Consent to learn about the various pressures on editorial teams.

This is not a 'feed' that we are just electronically passing on and reselling. This is handwritten by skilled humans who sift through, discard the filler and give you the pearls so you can save time. It's a service. If it's worth something to you and you would like it to continue to exist, pay a little towards our coffee.

Social media accounts do not replace news, in fact they add to the problem SimpleNews is trying to solve by surrounding people with clickbait that software thinks the reader is most likely to react to. They sell that information to advertisers who create more clickbait. Social media encloses people. Because SimpleNews only works for our readers, we can open people up. We could sell your information to pay for this, but we won't. Not ever.

I'm a marketer, most of my day is spent trying to sell stuff. I know how the system works. I know how to escape it. This is about saving time in your day and relaxing so you can focus on your life's purpose. I could try to fund this by selling you guitar lessons or travel experiences. But I won't.

The guy who owns the Daily Mail (the UK's second highest circulation newspaper) Jonathan Harold Esmond Vere Harmsworth, 4th Viscount Rothermere has non domicile status and is worth over a billion pounds. I'm John Allsopp, I created SimpleNews and I'm worth next to nothing. He represents the interests of the wealthy. SimpleNews represents the rest of us. SimpleNews is complete rejection of that model.

If you want SimpleNews in the world, support it.

Use Patreon to toss even just $1 a month into the hat so that we can improve, cover more stories, get more international and more local, and provide the news you are interested in. Just do it.

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