Editorial policy

These are very early days, and this policy is being developed on the fly.

  1. SimpleNews produces news without provoking additional anxiety. Newspapers often sensationalise in order to sell, SimpleNews rejects that for the health of society and ourselves. SimpleNews is clickbait-free.
  2. Murders and violence, horror car crashes and so on are usually local stories and the details should not be revelled in.
  3. In publishing text-only we escape this next issue, but the photographs the media choose often lead us to react with revulsion or hate before we even read the story. Pictures critical of, for instance, politicians often use pictures showing them in a bad light. We aim to focus attention on people's actions, not their looks.
  4. We aim for balance. For instance, we aim to give equal coverage of political parties according to the last popular vote and to represent people fairly by gender, nationality and so on. That's the news pool from which the reader can choose. In the future, readers will be able to influence that mix and see more of the news that interests them (and less of that which doesn't) by their interactions.
  5. Novelty dangers in far away places are not for us.
  6. When big money is involved, we try to put it into context.
  7. Titilation is for others (sorry).
  8. If the reaction is 'so what?', it's not news. News should be useful. We have no burning need to fill space, for us a no-news day could mean there's really nothing worth reporting.
  9. Popular is OK, we're not sniffy about that. We would like a world where people like each other instead of hating each other. 'Liking celebrities' is a lot better than hating people.

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