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Flybmi has gone into administration, cancelling all its 600 weekly flights.

It squarely blames Brexit uncertainty, saying that they are not confident they will be able to continue flying between European destinations.

The airline employs 376 staff & carried 522,000 passengers last year.
Having had four years to plan, the Nigerian election committee has postponed today's election by one week to address logistical issues.

People have travelled to vote. One person tweets they've baked ten dozen meat pies to sell at the polling booth and asks locals to buy anyway so she doesn't incur debt.
This weekend through to Monday, take an hour outside and record the birds you see for the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch.

It's the 40th. Starlings are down 80%, song thrushes by 75%, house sparrows by 57%, robins 31%, and blackbirds 41%, although woodpigeons are up 950%, collared doves up 307% & magpies 173%.

The RSPB recommends keeping gardens chemical free, allowing bushes & thick hedges to grow & providing bird food, water & nest boxes.
R&B singer songwriter Summer Walker released Clear, a five track EP of sparse, almost acapella songs.

The Atlanta, Georgia based singer emerged in 2018, releasing an album in October. She has 2 million monthly listeners on music streaming platform Spotify, giving a guestimated income of about $30k per month from streaming platforms.
British engineering success Dyson has announced it is moving its headquarters to Singapore, and that its new electric cars will be produced there.

James Dyson campaigned for Brexit. Singapore has a free trade agreement with the EU. Britain has 65 days left before leaving the EU and can't even agree what it wants or how to reach agreement.

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The new presenter of the BBCs Question Time politics show Fiona Bruce started off well last week. However this week Labour MP Diane Abbott was a panellist and people are reporting bias and jokes at her expense in the warmup. During the programme a panellist claimed Labour is six points behind in the polls, Abbott said it's about even, which it is, and Bruce said "you're six points behind". Abbott was also interrupted much more often than anyone else. Abbott has accused the programme of legitimising racism.
129 of the 751 members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have written a letter to the British Public asking us to reconsider Brexit.

It includes MEPs from almost every EU country and from a wide spectrum of politics.

Only The Independent is reporting this, and they are strongly campaigning for a people's vote. The letter itself seems to be unavailable, but the newspaper calls it heartfelt and quotes them offering a warm welcome and their help to reform and improve the EU, should be change our minds.

A number of chipper brexiteers on Reddit take the view that this means we are winning and that the EU is starting to beg us to stay on their sinking ship.

Presumably the other 622 MEPs were given the opportunity to sign the letter but declined.
Having served 15 years, Cyntoia Brown has been granted clemency in Tennessee and will be released on August 7.

She was placed for adoption, ran away from her adopted home and was living with an abusive boyfriend nicknamed 'Kut-Throat' who sexually assaulted her and forced her into prostitution. The legal age of consent in Tennessee in 2004 was 18 years of age. The 16 year old shot real-estate agent Johnny Allen in the head after he picked her up for sex, thinking she'd seen him pull out a gun. In 2006 she was tried as an adult and convicted of first-degree murder and aggravated robbery and sentenced to life in prison.

Her case has been a cause celebre within the #MeToo movement with singer Rihanna's support and reality TV personality Kim Kardashian bringing the matter to US President Trump when they met in May.

Brown has been studying and is expected to complete her bachelor's degree before she leaves prison and is quoted as saying "With God's help, I am committed to live the rest of my life helping others, especially young people. My hope is to help other young girls avoid ending up where I have been."